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Catholic anti-liberalism and Italy’s new populist government
, June 11, 2018

Italy’s new populist government has attracted interest in the USA, and in particular in the small, but active American Catholic anti-liberal and neo-traditionalist minority. There is a perceptible fascination with the new League-Five Star populist government, if we read the analysis hosted by the centers of these post-liberal and anti-liberal theo-political circles - magazines like First Things and Commentary.

What is at play here is not just an American perception of Europe, the European Union, the Euro, Italy and Germany that is different from the perceptions of Europeans vis-à-vis other fellow Europeans and European institutions. There is also a theological and religious battle going on. For anti-liberal US Catholics, the coming to power of right-wing and populist governments in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia) represents, together with Putin’s Russia, a new and attractive model for the relationship between religion and politics. Italy’s regime change is so far the most ambitious goal in the plan of Catholic traditionalism and anti-liberalism in America to take back Europe from secularism, multi-culturalism, immigration, globalization, and in particular from the European Union

Italy’s crisis viewed from the year 1992
, June 6, 2018

This crisis has many causes, proximate and deeper. I should like to suggest one perspective from which to examine them, that of Italy’s approach to European political and economic integration. For the events of the past week revolved around euro-zone membership, in more than one way. 

After Berlusconi’s failure to establish an illiberal democratic state and Renzi’s defeated attempt to reboot liberal democracy, Italy is in political limbo
The problem with Italy is not populism
, June 1, 2018

Ask most analysts and pundits about what the current problem with Italy is and you will likely get a one-word answer: Populism.

How to form the next government in Italy
, May 3, 2018

It is by no means an easy task to construct a majority coalition government which is representative of the March 4th electoral results.In terms of percentages and votes, there are two indisputable winners: the Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S) is by far the most voted party

The Italian Five Star Movement for foreigners
, March 1, 2018

Italy’s Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S) has both a short and a long history. Let’s begin with the short history.

It is part of a broad phenomenon called anti-establishment ideology, which is the backbone of populism.

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